June 08, 2021


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The great virtuoso Steve Vai often refers to his guitar as "an extension of his body and mind." Indeed, Bach and Paganini held similar views of their pianos and violins, respectively. You'll hear these types of references made mostly by two groups of people: martial artists and serious musicians (ha!).

I happened to wind up being both. I absolutely get what Vai's saying.

There are so many pieces of music that I've created and rehearsed in my mind... from simple jams to complex or complete arrangements of whole songs — that never made their way to my "extension" or instrument, much less to an audience's ears or recording. All but forgotten. Too many to count.

Could some of them have been "hits?" I suppose. But producing "hits" is not why I play... Bear with me. I used to think and say that I "play" because of a deep desire to share my music with others; to leave a legacy of my musical gift that's both: bigger than me and able to far outlast me after I'm gone from this life.

A noble thought, maybe. But I later realized that wasn't the whole picture.

Just as many people can cover the same song and musically interpret it in different ways, so it is with those who are trying to express their music. There is no one-size-fits-all-formula. Same piece of music; many different flavors, sounds, grooves, and feels.

The character Eddie Wilson of the "Eddie and the Cruisers" movie franchise really appealed to me since I was young. At first, I thought it was because of his charisma and the way he could work a crowd. His passion. Those definitely sparked up the performance-oriented traits that my Creator endowed me with. Maybe it was also Eddie's relentless desire for musical excellence and near-perfection? It's possible...

After re-watching those movies again over the years, Eddie's character hits me differently now.

You see, the character of Eddie was a visionary. He saw the scene around him; what everyone else was doing. His mind reached far beyond those boundaries — into future types of music that had not yet been invented. Some of the music biz leaders bucked him for that. Others embraced it. And the discouragement of that sort of thing is very real. But here's the crux of it all...

He wanted to be "great;" to do what "no one has done before." Not great as in rich, famous, or virtuoso-status. Great as in: a contributor of iconic music, borne within the depths of his soul, that stood the test of time. Just "okay" or "good enough" was never acceptable to a passionate musician like Eddie.

He pushed the boundaries and the envelope. He didn't wanna follow the crowd. He wanted to be separate from it. To pioneer new and fresh things. At very least, to use his music... that "extension of his body and mind (i.e. Vai's allusion)"... to tread boldly in uncharted territory.

Eddie knew that his guitar and his voice weren't the "extensions" of himself. The music itself was. Every note carried emotions that he struggled to express to even his closest friends or lovers. Every word carried vastly deeper meanings than was visible on the surface; things that connected to his heart and soul.

He was unable to truly rest unless this music was not only written and performed as he envisioned, but also that this music would transcend cultures, genres, and even time itself.

He could take a note, musical phrase, or lyric... and mold or "tune" it to convey whatever vibe or emotion he wanted the listener to experience.

That reality, along with the extreme drive to produce evergreen music — became the primary driving force of the life of Eddie Wilson.

Now, it began to click with me more completely. That's why I was so into his persona. It is the silver screen, but there are many "Eddies" in the world. And knowing that I was one of them was strangely freeing...

Eddie even took it as far to leave a note for his friends, record label, and band-mates that read: "If I can't be known for the music, then I'd rather not be known at all." Woah. Pretty extreme. Even obsessive.

My identity is in the Lord, but the musical drive is still a large part. I'd rather be known for my walk with God above anything else. But I still get Eddie's lamentations over the music that coursed through his veins.


Let's be clear... it wasn't the desire for fame or fortune that created the Christian Guitar Slinger append-um. It would have been great, but I truly could have cared less. I wanted to do music... for a living. And not have to starve or be homeless to accomplish it. That's all.

But after influencing and teaching other musicians over time, something far more significant developed: the desire for my music to be passed along to others, that their music might be sparked to life by my own.

The gift that keeps on giving. A "family tree" of sorts; I simply desired to have my own place on said tree. Where it grew from there, God only knows.

In summary, this blog is to reflect on one huge area of my life that seems to be both a blessing and a thorn. Not re-hashing "what might have been," but looking closely at "what is." Am I hanging up the musical hat? 

Not even close.
In fact, Act Two is about to begin, after a lengthy intermission. At least this time — I know what I'm dealing with. Hopefully, I can pass that to others, along with the music.


"The Lord God is my strength, And He has made my feet like deer’s feet, And has me walk on my high places. For the choir director, on my stringed instruments."

Clearly, there's an immediate and recognizable truth principle here in this verse, that's hugely important not to miss. But there are sometimes little "ah-ha!" moments where a passage can have related life applications.

EXAMPLE: King David chose this to be done via song, particularly on the "stringed instruments," because we know that David was musically-inclined. Scholars have long suggested that he very well might have musical abilities of his own, via indirect references.

Some of David's psalms were poetic. Some were prophetic. But most of them have some sort of musical connotation, to be delivered to the people of his day and (later) to the reader — in musical form.

David envisioned communicating this prayer and principle by way of specific tools — stringed instruments, though he had access to a vast orchestra and choir full of the best musicians of his time. This small detail speaks directly to me, as my primary ability is with "stringed" instruments.

Just sayin'.
Sometimes it's the little things...


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  1. Great Blog, Very Well Said!!
    A Christian Guitar Rock Slinger, Awesome!!
    God Bless !!

    1. Thank you, Sherri! It's amazing how God can use sorts of things as means to reach out to others and point to Him, in the process. God Bless 2 u 2!